Definitions of Services

  • Feasibility Studies

    Analysis of the production requirements, product processing methods, and procedures and equipment to secure maximum efficiency.

  • Manufacturing Process Flow Analysis

    Development of complete detailed block diagrams of the process, major equipment, and its sequential placement for proper processing of goods.

  • Manufacturing Process Layout Diagrams

    Full dimensional layout and sizing of all equipment to be placed within the clients facilities.

  • Budget Development

    Preparation of budget estimates prepared before bidding to determine whether costs are within the project budget.

  • Specification Development

    Clear definition of the limits of the manufacturing equipment and installation required, including material selection, performance parameters and contractual conditions.

  • Bid Package Preparation

    Complete preparation of required data for contractors' bid packages, including drawings, schedules, layouts, specifications and other necessary data to obtain accurate bids based on uniform definition of the work.

  • Bid Analysis

    Expert evaluation of manufacturers' proposals to the owner's requirement, including technical and economic evaluation of alternate proposal.

  • Energy Reduction Studies

    Surveys of energy usage to maximize efficiency and reduce operating cost.

  • Energy Reduction Implementation

    Bid packages with written specifications, mechanical and electrical engineering design, construction details, software, start-up and construction support.

  • Paint Finishing System Engineering

    Development of total process requirements, including working with manufacturers of process equipment to design the latest in the state-of-the-art equipment for the particular project.

  • Paint Finishing Equipment Design

    Develop designs and details for fabrication and installation of all types of paint finishing equipment.

  • Material Handling System Engineering

    Development of system layouts within the constraints of the factory, or area of the factory, recommending type of conveyor to use or implementing type of conveyor preferred.

  • Material Handling Equipment Design

    Detailed design of conveyor system components for any type of conveyor.

  • Control System Engineering

    Engineering of the electrical requirements with the latest in programmable controls, microprocessor systems and process computers.

  • Turnkey Control Systems

    Design, build and start-up of process control systems, utilizing electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems best-suited for the application or integrated into existing systems.

  • Structural Steel Engineering and Design

    Structural steel sizes which can include joint details illustrating bolting and welding, load distributions and bill of materials.

  • Detailing & Shop Drawings

    Concise drawings enabling clients to seek in-house fabrication or to be used for outside fabrication from other sources.

  • Air Measurement and Balancing

    Baseline air measurements and fan readings, RPMs, volumes and statics, drive sets, belt sets, diffusers and final data collection.

  • Field Engineering Services

    Monitoring of equipment construction and installation for specification compliance, system performance evaluation, system start-up assistance, equipment performance certification and development of "as-built" documentation.

  • Construction Management

    Pre-engineering and contract development, construction scheduling, cost accounting, purchasing, arrangement and acceptability of process systems, coordination and financial aspects, including turnkey management of project from initial concept development through construction and production commissioning with predetermined project cost.